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Mojo Nomad Hostel In Hong Kong Could Be The Future Of Digital Nomad Accomodation

I recently had to go to Hong Kong on business with only a few days notice during the height of the trade show period.

The cheapest hotel I could find was $170 USD a night for a very below average room.

So I decided to commit to stay in a hostel for the first time since backpacking Europe when I was a fair bit younger.

And it’s lucky I did because it ended up being a great experience!

Mojo nomad is the most modern, clean and well run “hostel” I think I’ve ever stayed in.

It’s truly more like a boutique hotel experience and hence why I decided to write about it!

There are larger dorms but I chose to stay in one of the dorms that only has 3 beds (which makes for a much more private and enjoyable experience).

The beds were comfy, the rooms spotlessly clean and the bathrooms came with a really nice selection of products to use.

Plus there is a full lounge room, tv room, private phone call/meeting booth and most importantly for me a great co-working area.

To top it off there is also a pretty good kitchen and laundry!

Whilst the location isn’t ideal as it is only accessible by a bus or cab at this stage (the Hong Kong government has plans to extend the MTR Subway around to this area of town but it isn’t completed yet as of 2018)… catching a cab is relatively cheap and the bus station was literally just across the road which was very handy.

For me this is definitely the future of accomodation for digital nomads just starting out who want to visit more expensive locations around the world and I hope to see more Mojo Nomads in other cities in the future.

Check out Mojo Nomad on Agoda if you’re looking to book!